Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where else to get space news

Here are the sources of news I get most of my space news from:
TMRO: The guys at TMRO make a new hour-long podcast every week, going over almost all space news for the week, and focusing on one aspect of spaceflight.
Spaceflight Now: This news site has articles on almost all space news.
Launch Library: Launch Library has a full list of all upcoming launches.
AmericaSpace: AmericaSpace has many spaceflight news articles, plus very nice On This Day articles.
Rocketology: This blog has a selection of interesting aspects of the development of the SLS.
Liquid Rocket Engines: While not being actively updated, this blog has many interesting posts about how rocket engines work.
Orion: The official NASA blog on Orion.
SpaceX: The official NASA SpaceX blog.