Saturday, August 29, 2015

The sun

The first body in the solar system is the sun.
It is a ball of plasma, it's radius is 109.2 times larger than earth.  It accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.  It's surface gravity is 28 times earth's.
Now, on to the facts that really make the difference to our human, house, boat, and airplane.
The surface temperature is 5,800 K.  That's 9980.33 °F or 5526.85 °C.
How hot is that?

What?  What was that?  You want me to write something?  Sorry.  Just getting lost in youtube.
Essentially, plasma is fire:

So, what would happen to anything on the surface of the sun?  Well, around 5800K, carbon atoms are ripped apart. 

First, the gravity:
The sun has 28 times the gravity of the earth.  A typical person can stand about 5g before losing consciousness, and with training and specialized clothing you could withstand 9g.  However, at 28g you would not even be able to stand.  You would quickly be killed, if only by the fact the the heart is not strong enough to pump blood around your body at 28g.  The heat would kill you, quickly, but sometime after a nanosecond.  Because of the heat in the sun, photons would have very short wavelengths.  Those would ionize your DNA, which is not good.  Cancer is the least of your problems.

I think that our building could theoretically stand up, especially with reinforcements, since a 1 story house would only weigh about as much as a 28 story house, which is perfectly possible on earth.  In fact, it could be more stable than a 28 story house, since it's closer to the ground, and therefore more stable.  Too bad it's rapidly being converted to plasma by heat and radiation which rips apart the very molecular bonds inside the walls.

Similar things happen to the airplane and the boat, and since there's no oceans or atmosphere high enough for the plane to not be vaporized, they're not very interesting.

At the very least, you might trigger a solar flare:

See you on Mercury!